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 About Aikyam Entertainment 

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Mission Statement

The mission of our production company, Aikyam Entertainment, is to bring together people of different cultural backgrounds through diverse and dynamic storytelling. Aikyam means oneness in Sanskrit, and that is our ultimate goal for humanity.


Our aim in making this movie, and in the future slate of Aikyam Entertainment’s films and TV shows, we have the goal of opening Hollywood to the South-Asian narrative, and create an atmosphere where diversity is fully inclusive in entertainment. And with your support, we can make this dream a reality! As South-Asians, and actors ourselves, with your support, we can help not only open opportunities to South-Asian actors in Hollywood, but we will also create a fully blended world where all cultures are represented and loved equally.



Our goal as filmmakers is to normalize South-Asians and diversity in cinema. Rarely do you see South-Asians playing roles outside of doctors, IT workers, in cinema and on TV. And even more rarely do you see South-Asians play lead and supporting roles in Thriller movies.

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