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Unmasked the Film (2021)

A South Asian led thriller about a group of friends, one of whom gets murdered at a Halloween party, leaving the rest to scramble through a bloody maze of suspicion, tragedy and deceit!

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       Meet the Cast 

Rishi Jaiswal as Vijay Kumar

Vijay is the protagonist of our story, He is a down on his luck medical student trying to navigate this way through a pandemic torn world. After being kicked out of his apartment, he goes to stay with his cousin Salim, where he hopes to get the support he needs to turn his life around and get back on his feet.

Sharayu Mahale as Kajal Batra

Sharayu Mahale plays the role of Kajal Batra in Unmasked. Kajal, the emotional spine of our story, is roped into the events of Unmasked because of her inescapable desire to help those in need. A doctor by profession, Kajal is stuck in a loveless, abusive marriage, when she decides to do whatever it takes to reclaim her freedom and protect those she loves… no matter the cost.

Muneeb Rehman as Salim Mizra

Salim, our protagonist Vijay’s cousin, is heartbroken after his best friend is murdered at their Halloween party, and he pledges to find the person responsible-by any means necessary. But things aren’t quite as they appear.

Annabelle King as Anna Scott

Anna is Jake’s girlfriend. Jake is Salim’s best friend who’s found murdered after Anna’s birthday Halloween party. Having discovered Jake’s dead body, she is distraught and vows to find out who the killer is, even if it means going behind the back of the homicide detective in charge of the case.

Sumeet Dang as Tarun Singh

Tarun is Vijay’s supportive best friend who’s always there for him whenever he needs. Having met when Vijay was at his lowest, Tarun does what he can to keep a smile on his friends face to lift his spirits and help pick him back up.

Paul Alan Dixon as Detective Mitchell

Detective Mitchell is the head of homicide at LAPD as the the officer who’s assigned to the case of finding the suspect for Jake’s death. He’s a hard working detective who’s always putting in overtime on every case he works.
Taylor Carr as Ashley 
Ashley a friend and neighbor of Anna. She is a hardworking and independence ent thinker who wants to be at the top of her career in finance and investment banking. More than anything, she wants to be taken seriously and and be seen as an equal woman at the table in an industry dominated by men.

Rishi Arya as Akshay Batra 

Akshay is the husband of Kajal Batra. He comes from a very wealthy family background and is very proud of that. He’s also an investment banker with an ego who hates being disgraced or made a fool of, and he won’t let anybody besmirch his family name.
Michael J. Renda as Jake Stevens
Jake is Salim’s best friend and roommate and Anna’s boyfriend. He’s a very loving and loyal yet sometimes tightly wound boyfriend who will do anything to make his girlfriend's birthday party a night that she’ll always remember, even if it is a party during a pandemic.

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